Google Retail
Design System

To create an evergreen retail design system for Google Devices and Services, inspiration was drawn from the Google master brand—their simple yet intentional design style and iconic color palette. Every detail was considered and documented to ensure this system could be replicated for future launches and by retail partners across all regions. Deliverables included retail layouts for 10+ products and product families in 6-8 key retail sizes and spread across 3 Google product launches.

Responsibilities included concepting and creating the design system, presenting to key stakeholders and regional retail partners, designing retail layouts in key sizes, development of product logos, art direction of product visuals including photoshoots, renderings and retouching, oversaw the creation of production-ready files and creating global guideline documents for asset creation across regions.

Creative Directors  //  May Hartono, Anna Sorkina
Writers  //  Mohammad Awadalla, Lori Nygaard Cabrera, Michelle Allison
Studio Production  //  Elena Garvey, Keara Matthiesen