The goal of Made with Code is to encourage female teens to maintain their interest in science and technology, and inspire them to pursue careers in coding and tech. I was lucky enough to join the account in the summer of 2018 and rediscover my own passion for coding. Each social post is intended to be playful, draw from a variety of coding languages and, when possible, link back to projects on the Made With Code website.



Float on. 🤗✨

This post plays off of summer vibes and the CSS property "float" which tells items within an container where to live: on the right, to the left, in the center.

Head to our Stories to make this wallpaper yours! 😍✨

This is the first post in a new series of inspirational, code-based wallpapers that our followers can screengrab. The asset lives in-feed, in Instagram Stories upon posting, and featured in Highlights on the profile.

TFW you can’t decide which hex value to get 💅

A footer tag in CSS always a coder to establish the style of the footer module. Spinning off of this construct, this post compares the color of a footer tag with nail polish colors on toes.

Looks like we’ve got a bug. 🐛✨ Can you help us fix this code?

Summer is the season of bugs so this simple list of summer to-do's purposely includes an error—often referred to as a bug—which we asked our community to uncover.

Life (and rooms) are way more fun with CSS. 😉✨

CSS establishes the style of simple HTML code as decor adds style to a dorm room. Knowing that girls will be heading to college and into their first dorm rooms, this post was posted in August so it as timely as it is loaded with style.

Comment with your summer emoji 👇 then tap the link in our bio to code your own. 😍✨ #WorldEmojiDay

To celebrate World Emoji Day, this post pulls inspiration from a Javascript if-then clause. To encourage our followers to get the most out of their last days of summer vacation, this post gets playful with emojis while the post copy encourages participation.

It’s 🌞 out. Water your plants with our coding Garden Robot project. Link in bio.

In HTML, you can scale an image to be whatever dimensions you want. To encourage participation with a garden-specific project, this post plays with code scaling to show the growth of plants.


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