Michelle is an art director and designer living in Portland, Oregon. She loves avocados and owns too many grey t-shirts.

She is currently an art director at Swift, working on the Google, Nest and Made with Code social accounts.


Book Design
Brand Development
Digital Experience
Environmental Design
Packaging Design
Product Design
Social Media
User Interaction


Made with Code
Old Spice
Procter & Gamble
Conde Nast
NY Times

After Hours

Portland Farmer’s Market
Making decisions as a board member for the Portland Farmer’s Market. On Saturdays, I’m at PSU buying vegetables.

Woodworking at PCC
Currently learning the basics of woodworking and joints in this hands-on class.

For The Women
Participant in FTW, a Design Week initiative created by Swift that encourages goal setting through mentorship. Mentored by Nic Porter, founder of Suitcase Laundry.

The School of Styling
Attended a three-day workshop focusing on event planning, social media and creating community.


Random Tidbits

In 2013, Michelle had fifteen minutes of internet fame. Her NYC apartment was featured on numerous blogs (here, here, here) and there was even a video made (here). She’s since introduced a neutral color palette into her home.

Michelle has accidentally traveled to 40+ states in the US. Upon realizing this fact, it’s been decided that she must go to the six remaining states at some point: Iowa, Kentucky, North Dakota, Nebraska, Mississippi, and Hawaii.

Tio, her Mexican street dog, was a foster fail. One night, one hug and one drive down to Bend and back and the pup was hers forever. Thanks to Street Dog Hero for pairing these two together for that fateful evening. Follow his adventures at @uncle.tapatio.